What’s the best chin fat removal injectable?

Are you tired of seeing that unwanted pocket of fat below your chin? A double chin isn’t always the result of excess weight, because it can be passed down genetically. But if you want to get rid of excess chin fat, surgery isn’t the only option, because Kybella injectable treatment can dissolve that excess fat for you.

What’s the best chin fat removal injectable?

Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is the only FDA approved injectable treatment for moderate-to-severe chin fat. Deoxycholic acid is a molecule that is naturally found in the body and helps with the digestion of fat in foods.

How does Kybella work

During the Kybella procedure, multiple injections are made in the excess fat below the chin. It works by dissolving the membrane of the fat cells and breaking down the fat, which is eventually eliminated from the body. The treated fat cells are no longer able to store fat, so the results are long-lasting.

Am I a good candidate for Kybella

If you are at a healthy weight but have some fat below the chin that you have been unable to reduce with diet and exercise, you may be a good candidate for Kybella injectable treatment. Candidates for Kybella should also have a good skin tone, as the treatment does not tighten the skin.

Is there any downtime

There is typically some swelling and bruising in the injection sites after Kybella, and this can take several days to resolve.

When will I see results

Kybella results can be seen 4-6 weeks after treatment.

Interested in Kybella for removing chin fat? Search our directory to find a practice in your area.

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