Kybella vs Traditional Chin Fat Removal

Excess fat below the chin aka a double chin is a problem for many people, and it’s hard to get rid of with diet and exercise. Chin liposuction has traditionally been used to remove fat below the chin, but there are now less invasive options such as Kybella. But how does Kybella stack up against traditional chin fat removal.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable treatment that is FDA approved for reducing fat below the chin. It is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is a substance that is naturally present in the body, and is used to metabolize dietary fat.

How does it work?

When Kybella is injected into the fat below the chin, it takes about 10-15 minutes to dissolve the fatty deposits. The targeted areas will be somewhat swollen after treatment, so it may take 3-4 weeks to see the results. The fat reduction achieved with Kybella is long-lasting, because the treated fat cells are permanently destroyed.

Kybella vs Traditional Chin Fat Removal

Whereas Kybella is a completely non-surgical treatment, traditional chin fat removal is a surgical procedure that involves anesthesia. With surgical liposuction, a cannula or small tube is used to dislodge the excess fat, which is then removed using suction.

There is virtually no downtime after Kybella, while recovery after chin liposuction takes about 7 days (click here to learn more).

Chin liposuction produces dramatic results and is suitable for individuals that have excess fat below the chin, along with skin laxity. In contrast, Kybella is ideal for younger patients with small pockets of fat under the chin, and relatively elastic skin.

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