Would you like to get rid of your double chin, and get that slimmer, contoured neck you’ve always desired? While there are surgical procedures available, you may prefer a non-surgical option so you may be wondering – How can I reduce my double chin without surgery?

How can you reduce your double chin without surgery?
CoolMini is anextraordinary fat reduction treatment that is designed to reduce  submental fat aka ‘double chin.’CoolMini reduces fat below the chin using a system of controlled cooling that freezes and destroys the subcutaneous fat.

CoolMini is a new FDA approved addition to the innovative CoolSculpting body contouring treatment by Zeltiq.  CoolMini requires no needles, incisions, or anesthesia, and there is also no downtime, so this makes it a great option for those who dislike the idea of surgery.

How it works
The small device is placed on the targeted area, and the fat and skin is sucked up into the CoolMini handpiece. CoolMini freezes the fat cells, causing the walls of the cells to tear. The nearby skin and tissues are not impacted, because the fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures.

What should you expect?
The fat cells treated by CoolMini are gone for good, so the results are permanent. A single CoolMini treatement takes about one hour, and it usually requires 1-2 treatments to achieve the best outcome, but some people may need more.  Final results show within one to two months.

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